Laptop Upgrades Felixstowe

Is your hard drive bursting at the seams full of photos and videos of family, friends and holidays or holding your entire music collection? Or perhaps your computer is running slow and needs a bit of a speed boost.

Here at PC Wakeup we have a wealth of experience in pin-pointing particular problem areas and recommending upgrades that will solve them. Whether it's upgrading the hard drive to a much faster SSD drive, a bigger hard drive, more memory, better graphics card, faster processor or a brand new motherboard, we have the solution for you tailored to your specific requirements.

If your computer is running Windows XP, Vista or 7 then you are leaving yourself open to system vulnerabilities as Microsoft is not providing any further fixes to these operating systems. Dependant on the specification of the computer, we may be able to upgrade this to Windows 10 or 11 for you. This is done at a fixed cost and includes a memory upgrade if required.

Just drop your computer off to our workshop with your problems and requirements and we will contact you with suggested upgrades and costs. There is no charge for the assessment.

All new parts come with a one year warranty.

If your computer is simply too old or too expensive to upgrade, we also offer brand new PCs and laptops for all budgets. Please visit our new computer and new laptop pages for details.

Computer Upgrades

Apple Mac Computers

We repair, service and upgrade all Apple Macs under the same pricing structure.

Apple Mac

Price List

Fitting - DVD Drive
Fitting - Memory or Hard Drive/SSD
Fitting - Motherboard
Fitting - Multiple items
Hard Drive
from £40
from £40
from £20
Graphics Card
from £50
from £40
from £50
Windows 10/11 upgrade from XP/Vista/7
Premium Windows 10/11 upgrade incl SSD
plus much more
All prices include VAT

Some benefits of upgrading your computer

  • More space for files (such as pictures and videos)
  • Faster speed
  • Better quality graphics
  • Increased reliability
  • Increased security