Laptop Liquid Spill Ipswich

Have you accidentally spilt water over your laptop or had one glass of wine too many and decided to share one with your laptop? If so, PC Wakeup can help.

The first piece of advice would be do not try and switch the laptop on to check if it still works! This is one of the most common mistakes made and is when you can do more (possibly permanent) damage to your laptop. Instead try and soak up as much liquid as you can and bring it in to us for some TLC.

Our engineers will dismantle the laptop as soon as possible and clear up any liquid that has made it inside. We will then leave it to dry totally before performing hardware checks to make sure everything is still working.

We have a high success rate of bringing laptops back to life, but if the worst happens and we are unable to save your laptop, we should still be able to copy your data such as photos, music, documents etc onto another computer or storage device for you. If data is not important then you will have the option to cancel and pay nothing.

Laptop Liquid Spill

Price List

Laptop Liquid Spill
Data Copy*
Replacement Keyboard

*Payable instead of Laptop Liquid Spill Charge
All prices include VAT

Tips on a successful repair

  • Do not power on the laptop
  • Take out the battery if you can
  • Soak up as much liquid as you can without removing any parts
  • Bring it to us as soon as possible