Computer Repairs Capel-St-Mary

Here at PC Wakeup, our engineers have years of experience diagnosing and repairing badly behaved computers. Whether your computer simply isn't powering on, or just sits there and beeps at you or Windows is stubbornly refusing to load, bring it in to our workshop and we'll whip it into shape.

Most problems come under our Full Problem Solver service. This service basically means that we will diagnose and try and fix a problem for you. As part of this we will check any relevant hardware and software. If any fix requires parts, then we would contact you and let you know the cost. If you don't want to go ahead then you have the option to cancel the job with nothing to pay.

Sometimes, if it's the operating system (such as Windows) causing the problem then we would move you onto our reinstall service instead. This service is the same cost and entails wiping your system and installing the operating system along with all drivers and updates. For a small additional charge we can also save all of your data (such as pictures, music, documents etc) and copy it back to your computer once reinstalled.

If you would like a fresh start with your computer, you can also go straight for a reinstall if you would like. We would still do all hardware checks to make sure the reinstall results in a happy computer.

We also offer printer repairs and minor computer repairs such as a laptop internal clean. We can also do quick jobs while you wait under our Simple and Basic Problem Solver service. This can be for things like password resets and router setups.

All work comes with a one month warranty and any new parts come with a one year warranty. All this comes with a no fix no fee guarantee. So if we are unable to fix your problem, we will not charge you a penny.

Just visit us with your computer at a time that suits you and we'll book it in there and then. If you have a desktop computer, we just need the main unit itself without leads. For laptops it's useful if you can bring the power supply as well.

Standard turnaround is approximately three working days but if you're in a hurry then you can also add on a priority turnaround for an additional fee. This will bring the turnaround to approximately one working day depending on the problem and parts availability. Please note the priority charge is not covered by our no fix no fee guarantee and is payable regardless of outcome.

Computer Repair

Apple Mac Computers

We repair, service and upgrade all Apple Macs under the same pricing structure.

Apple Mac

Price List

Problem Solver - Simple
Problem Solver - Basic
Problem Solver - Minor
Problem Solver - Full
Reinstall With Data
Priority Turnaround*
Internal Clean Bolt on (Desktop)
Internal Clean Bolt on (Laptop)
Internal Clean standalone with no other jobs
Basic Data Recovery**
Printer Repairs (Pre-paid)***

*Always payable regardless of outcome
**Where we can't recover data in house we can offer advanced recovery through Ontrack
***Refunded on collection if we can't repair
All prices include VAT

When a problem solver is appropriate

  • Doesn't power on
  • Doesn't load into the operating system (e.g. Windows)
  • Random blue screens keep appearing (blue screen of death)
  • Beeping
  • Nothing on screen
  • Freezing or crashing
  • Data recovery

Data Recovery

We have teamed up with Ontrack who are one of the leading UK data recovery companies and can now provide data recovery services for the majority of devices and media including hard drives, SSDs, mobile phones, memory cards, DVDs etc.