Data Recovery Martlesham

PC Wakeup has teamed up with Ontrack, one of the leading data recovery companies in the UK and can now offer their services to you.

We are able to offer data recovery services for the majority of devices and media. It may be a hard drive which has become unreadable or a mobile phone that no longer powers on.

You can use Ontrack's self assessment tool below to provide information and to get back helpful suggestions. You are also able to ask for a quote direct from them if you are still unable to resolve your problem.

Phone with water damage
Hard drive tools

Price List

Prices vary depending on the nature and severity of the data loss. Ontrack will provide a quote once evaulation has taken place.

When data recovery is appropriate

  • Unable to read media
  • Device has been dropped and unable to access or power on
  • Fire or water damaged media
  • File deleted or overwritten